“Best/Worst” is a web series that interviews people on the street and asks them to either describe their best day in life thus far, or their worst. It’s a study in humanity and the perspectives (positive and negative) that we all carry with us. It is still in production and I can’t wait to see the episodes. Here is the identity I did for the program. 

Adult Skateboards

Adult Skateboards was an up-and-coming new company founded by two 30-somethings who didn’t like the idea of having to stop skating as they got older. They asked me to develop their logomark and a unique visual narrative. With a name like “Adult”, I thought it’d be fun and memorable to use images of everyday, mundane activities such as grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, washing the car, getting a haircut, etc as visuals for their marketing and advertising endeavors. The company never got to far, but I’ve always had a fondness for this retro aesthetic for a youth oriented sport. Ah, the irony.